Why you have to broaden your mentals (be weird) to become successful.

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    Nov 25, 2014
    I have never met a successful person in the music business who did not practice something weird.
    By weird, I actually mean- normal. Or, normal to me. The secret- The Law of Attraction- The Third Eye- Positive thinking- Spiritual alignment etc.

    I could have never gotten to where I am without opening my mind or actually, shutting my mind off.

    Every new artist or well-oiled who struggles is bound by a default mindset created by the richer, to narrow funds for everyone when in reality- money is everywhere and is there for you to accumilate- given tat you crack this...code.

    What code is this? Fuck a code...YOU MUST BELIEVE that people make ALOT of money off of music and spend equally on the very same thing.

    If you do not get into the abstract thought you will have more friends, be easier to talk to, have a sluttier girlfriend and be very broke in my experience. Rich people are usually not people people, although it is a trained practice to be a very good speaker and communicater

    You may think I am babbling nonsense. After practicing a few "weird" things and understanding them. I now make over $100,000 per year on music and fund my habit with two other jobs that I enjoy. Altogether my income totals around $165,000 per year. Nowhere near rich but comfortable.

    Any thoughts?

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