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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BETTA CALL BRAWL, Jul 29, 2015.


    BETTA CALL BRAWL sick & tired of so-cal

    Jul 29, 2015
    Just wanted 2 be on a new music forum lately. 1 of them is difficult 2 get on with the registration. I thought this forum would have the same problem but thankfully someone here was up & sent me the email to make it happen :) I'm not as active on music forums past like I used to but i'm sure I can help out some ways here. Maybe even recruit a couple of people here.
    Breaking it down now, my screen name is from the show better call saul, even though I never seen the show yet. It sounded cool so somebody should use it in a different way. And BRAWL which is best to call me on here, is from the combaticon who's the main component of Bruticus. Check the transformer B.O.T. episode. I hope people are cool here cause I prefer to be cool with everybody. I've been on forums with some complete jackoffs :mad:
    I hope to post some things people will like soon.

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