What do you think about me?

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Slava, Jun 26, 2016.

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    Jun 26, 2016
    Girl, tell me if you feel me? What you think about me?
    Can I get some love from a girl that simply loves me?
    I'm not playing games with you, trust me I don't need that
    Time is running out for us, open up your heart in faith

    Why you make me struggle? Support is what I need from you
    Guidance in my life you are, life is hard at times for me
    It will mean a lot to me if you put your love on me
    Smile when you're on top of me, that will be my victory

    I am moving higher than I ever thought would
    I will take you with me, travel on my ship of wood
    I'm not playing games with you, I don't have no time for that
    If you think I'm bluffing, then you don't know me well yet

    I am dangerous inside, peek into my mindset
    Put yourself all over me, cause I ain't done nothing yet
    God has given you to me, you will be my victory
    I am serious right now, only death will stop me

    I don't like to sleep at night, you already know that
    I don't like to play games, baby let me hold you
    Feel my love inside you, I'm not going anywhere
    Feel me all around you, I'm not stopping till I'm dead

    Let me take you higher, travel on my thought pattern
    I will change direction, as much as I please of that
    I don't need no haters, watch me as I bomb them
    Screw all those around me who try to deny me

    There you have it baby, I am right inside of you
    Love me like I love myself, I will share the love for two
    God I love you baby, you can see that in my eyes
    I love when you look at me, so don't dare to ever stop

    I love when you hold me, I desire you right now
    I am getting lonely, let me hold you from behind
    I am going crazy if you move away from me
    So don't do that baby, smile and watch you make me free

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