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    Jun 21, 1999
    Hey guys I have a list of Top Notch Studio Gear I'm wanting to sell ASAP let me know if any of you are interested in any of the gear!!! Im willing to negotiate price if some one buys more then one piece of gear!!! Also I have pics for all the gear all you gotta do is ask or inbox me thanks!!!

    1.Dave Hills Europa 1 - $1250 LIKE NEW still under warranty only 6 months old

    2.I.G.S. ONE LA (500 SERIES) LIKE NEW $850 still under warranty for another two and a half years.

    3.U87 CUSTOM HAND WIRED CAPSULE MADE BY ERIC HEISERMAN with nice Powder coat small shock mount rash on the body other then that in perfect shape maybe 6 months old. Asking $1000

    4. Serpent Audio S4001 Stereo Buss Compressor (500 Series) SSL on crack!!! $1000

    5.Presonus Central Station $250

    6.RME FIREFACE 800 in wonderful condition - $950

    7.JJ Audio -Akita with upgraded K 67 Capsule and extra tubes asking - $1350

    8.A Designs P-1 (500 series ) Still under warranty, barely ever used. $700

    9.Slate Pro Audio Dragon- $1400

    10.Api Lunchbox-Brand New $350

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