Time And Space

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  1. theMuzzl3

    theMuzzl3 Forever Humbled By Your Existence

    Sep 23, 2014
    All we have is time and space
    Is that enough to sustain our race?
    Or, do we need to deface the base
    of the database that holds us in this vase?
    We chose to embrace, rather than replace
    the commonplace that disgraces us.
    Despite the grace of the maze of the bus
    that you’re laced in, effaced.
    Come together as one in cyberspace,
    the marketplace, or anyplace;
    And reiterate the retracing of our commonplace…
    in order to erase it and replace
    it with the grace that was displaced.

    *edit* I’m surprised I didn’t mention Bob Dobbs’s face!
    Copywrite isn’t copyright blah blah blah you suck at naming dates and times
  2. Ghostdawg777

    Ghostdawg777 New Member

    Dec 11, 2014
    What is time and space, but a place for our minds to race
    Will we watch a clock define our fate or supply our pace
    Such a surprise today the gift we've been presented
    Now is intended to be splendid not offended
    Now is authentic ,not demented nor pretended
    Now isn't rehearsed ,now isn't a hearse
    Now is exactly what this life's worth, now Is the reason I now in reverse
  3. Black8ce

    Black8ce IS 6FTGROUND

    Dec 27, 2014
    interesting read...enjoyed it
    you should read E.E. Cummings. Be safe and happy holidays

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