These Old Men

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    Jan 1, 2014

    These Old Men
    They stand about with their steaming cups
    Muttering and never quite speaking
    Never cold
    Musing on the pains of yesterday
    Accepting the fates of the present

    These Old Men
    Their boots are worn like their hands
    Scuffed and leathery
    Never new
    Still walking and toiling as in their youth
    Getting ready to walk some more

    They have eaten and are steeled
    The day’s work is still to come
    But to them, already done
    Somehow, someway
    In the evening they will settle
    At rest, at ready again

    These Old Men
    The last standing warriors
    White, withered, their beards coarse
    Never soft
    They remain anchored in destiny
    Still battening down the hatches

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