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    Jul 4, 2015
    My name is RhymStylez I will spark a war on the mic so explosive call me kid dynamite. Bout to blow a fuse and turn out the lights for eternity. Underground dietious demigod 10 ft tall and bulletproof brain in a hazy fog from the candy kush clouds if you're gonna smoka the doja best to do it proper blow it loud I'm a medicated proctor a hip hop doctor. Michele Myers Machete will chop you I will discard the remains killing you so brutal that even the witnesses wouldn't say a thing look at the flick of my wrist better check the time homie you just hatin despising cause you cannot match what is mine I'm on the money march for dollars not on a march for dimes. Check the scoreboard this is the new times I'm about to catch a case of lyrical homicide killing all you haters with psycholinguistic rhymes

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