Out of strange rage had to arrange a stage for the first act after

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    Out of strange rage had to arrange a stage for the first act after
    location and like DANNY GLOVER get notation never miss
    The Color Purple talk to brother URKEL it became a Family Matter
    And now feel all right walking like JAMEEL WHITE ready to shatter
    The TV screen being a VIP extreme an MVP on a team so look yall
    I’m shook and all over this movie biz, need all type of stamina a call
    For satisfaction so it’s light camera action and nightly rapping is
    Likely to happen a true demonstration is like a new information quiz
    You learn a lot and your words turn hot with knowledge and now
    Needing an official meeting and initial greeting to succeed somehow,
    Eat toast and shower got the most power and like a stock market my
    Block is a target for the crisis with prices that rise and fall many try
    Invest in this mess but can’t digest the impact can wake up broke
    Wow it’s a boss season but snow spread across the region we awoke
    To an arctic blast a psychotic task to shovel this stuff but now hope
    It goes away, let words feed my flow but thing I need to know like
    How to use slick quick politics combined with love talk to get a wet
    Date, have affairs with tutors then repair computers like spyware
    Try be there for girls, and then hurls kisses at their lips love do care
    Know and comprehend that love talk flow like wind sometime have
    To tow my BENZ OK, I believe it’s a case where I squeeze and grab
    Your legit waist girl please let me hit the lace horniness chokes
    Being a wild brute is like a mild dispute share ill will with folks
    And that’ll eventually kill my quotes just can’t thrill with jokes
    Not funny so I need to make a hot honey laugh and that’s dope
    Because divine females have fine details like teaching instructions
    Reaching for productions in a love affair like those volcano eruptions
    No doubt cake can be an outbreak of hot lava, spewing from ground
    Can’t be screwing around with this here jest need a kiss sincere
    So this boy wants luck and cake bad and like an up-to-date fad a clear
    Way to express she display breasts a kiss may test her hot emotions
    A sloppy kiss is like a floppy disc it can reveal stuff and bring potions
    To the forefront after a hardcore stunt so galore he hunt for chicks
    In clubs been in love can’t win being thug, but now ready for love flics
    And like the fury of jewelry wanna dispatch bling no match to this thing
    Wanna attach a ring to her finger, and like BEYONCE girl you go sing
    And let me SMACK IT! SMACK IT! IN THE AIR” nothing compare
    your ballistic lace has a characteristic taste wanna kiss it at my place bare
    Foot in the bedroom, you wet girl river is brisk as I deliver a kiss by air
    With kisses I wanna be nailing your lips and like a sailing ship need
    Oar to paddle your canoe and rattle your avenue you fine let’s proceed
    Girl you got a hotter style and like a popular child you become and actress
    Then give me some on the mattress my love talk wild and numb impact less
    Being a terrific sweet is like specific heat girl you a hottie with a body best
    Define beauty as divine duty for a boy to tamper with, become a house guest
    Kissing never a danger hormones bristling with anger twisting a manger
    Filled with hay and like a Texas Ranger thrilled to say no crime or danger
    Exists in sex or kiss, my menu is luster which leads into a cluster of love
    Talk, dusty trends are like gusty winds they blow stuff away a cut above
    The rest, wearing a heated bandana in a conceited manner with tied tails
    Ride to prevail on top but not in a sloppy jalopy so no flat tires from nails
    Had his tire put on at FIRESTONE so his desires strong on taking a cutie
    Home just booty alone could be devastating to his decision comes to Beauty
    And the Beast his duty never cease, he wanted his love talk to flow soft
    Rap deft and secured and be self-assured of a cake date and be a show off
    Can’t trust the wild he was a robust child I see pie crust and smile so toss
    Your panties on the bedpost and your lips are red toast so let me kiss them

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