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    Aug 27, 2015
    Check out my new tape

    sry for the self promo i know ppl hate these but musicians are much like entrepreneurs as they have to find a way to get there product out to build their audience and expand reach. i could lecture you all on entrepreneurship all day but this is about music. good music. boi. i do it. lil bitch. (insert big sean adllib here). anyways check me out man.
    and if you wanna stay up to date on what im working on currently check out my soundcloud.
    Sorry to ramble i am in the middle of writing a new song write now called hey, watsup hello. and i am really inspired. downtown by macklemore is playing in the background and it is hilarious. Its 2:03 am where your seeds at whats the deal (mos def - mathematics).

    With that i sign off. Pce and much love

    -Chuck Black

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