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    Feb 28, 2004
    Sold the microphone. Of course, first thing was first, I stole a whole backpack full of microphones from the back room of a Church. St. George's jerk. Along with a couple gallons of Molson. Started hip hop off the worst. Jackin off to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Might as well rent a hearse, bump Grateful Dead out the back door with Mork. He got mad when I stuck it to Mindy. Made him hold her purse while we checked into the inn, these women are empty. Empty headed and headed towards the semi hard second head I keep hidden. Undid the zipper told her that I reckon she should get ready for dinner. Cause it's most definitely been served. Served fresher than most, smothered in French dressing. That's what I call breakfast in bed, now get me a fork. I guess it'll work. Work harder than seven Mexicans crossin the border with purp. Grandaddy to be exact. Me and my crew so wacky that we be exactly defined as being too good for rap music so we calling it crack these days. And these days I Crack heads like a vandal cracks eggs on ya back page whip. Got it from the same back page issue of Thap that I used to get a bitch in the sack. Chick was itchin to scrap. Didn't say shit to me that night, but turns out the shit was an act. Caught a bad case of syphilis, ack! And that's some wisdom to track. Malcolm's stuck in the middle while Hal is stuck mixing up chemicals into a vat. He's lettin Hitler react. I'm just kicking it back. Feet on the desk as I spin round by swiveling, black leather office chair, pencil and pad have got me scribbling maps. Got a mission to pass Go, collect a couple Benjamin Franks. Head to CVS with the cash. Pick up a brand new script of ritilin, pop the medicals cap and pop six of em, swallow em up, start sprinting through laps. Borrowed a dollar bill from Bill Clinton and Hillary crapped. She bout shit a brick, I just laughed. Told her if all she did was bitch that I was fixin to straight piss in her trap. She didn't stop bitchin and that was probably the first inkling I had to make history at least a little to half as relevent to the past lies and miserable facts. Filled up a glass vessel with acid, liquid to pass off as insulin, muscle pop the rig, sat back, and let it soak in and give you a knack for solvin riddles with rap, riddle you this, riddle me that, coexistence with a criminal can't be as bad as fishing for bass. My equilibriums wracked. Wrecked. Better give me some dap. Give me some skin. Hang ten or get in the backseat of my whip with a gat. Load up the clip if you can't get it to blast load up a handful of hollow tips in it and BRAPPPT! Brapppt brapppt, give it the clap, clap ya hands if it's a bat, raise it up high above ya head and bring i

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