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    Oct 4, 2005
    Some of this stuff he will elude it thrill his mood to know
    That man kill for food and not a diet coke that a no go
    For him, this a sincere rhyme he fear sometime he need a clear
    Sign! Like an invite tonight to a dinner along with some beer
    Have hot stats it’s not that he’s afraid to die and then parade
    In the sky he just don’t want to be there when it happen serenade
    And end up rapping and begin trapping microphone tones
    At clubs, entertain as a winner with a brain so he’s homegrown
    Soar with many butter rhymes and more than any other time
    In history this been a mystery it begin a blistery trail here online
    Faces a crossroads and tastes a boss load of strife not nice as
    The wrath proceed down a path leads to failure or ALCTRAZ
    His hormones burn deep get with girls earn his keep learn
    From his peeps on the streets, give society a true stare concerned
    And do care, can’t knock it this guy buy chocolate and seek mercy
    After he eat a Hershey kinda pathetic being a diabetic is controversy
    he shoot a group of hoops concerned about basketball it get drastic
    yall, no crime must think can spend time in the clink not fantastic
    to be locked up having pot luck he realize the drug plot suck bad
    get with girl be lost in an affair that’s a cross he have to bear glad

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