Im facin this cat 1st week of NFL on FANTASY... who do u think will win???

Discussion in 'Sports Central' started by TeKneeK, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    QB - Peyton Manning
    RB - Edgerrin James
    WR - Marvin Harrison
    TE - Kellen Winslow
    DEF - Indianapolis
    K - J. Feely

    MY TEAM:

    QB - Brooks/Brees/McNair/Hasselbeck/Palmer *aint picked it yet*
    RB - Shaun Alexander
    WR - Larry Fitzgerald
    TE - Antonio Gates
    DEF - Chicago
    K - Neil Rackers

    theres' 8 other cats in this fantasy league but me and my boy are lashin 1st week... so i wanted to know what u guys think... who will win.

    im still deciding who to pick for my QB... who should i take?
  2. Oneduh

    Oneduh Guest

    Why do you have so many QB's?

    You gotta be hurtin for depth at WR & RB.. Gonna be a long ass season for you.

    As for the first week.. Looks like you have the advantage.. He's gonna do you dirty at QB but you got him @ RB & TE.. Gates will be the deciding factor
  3. mr madness

    mr madness Silly Bitch Say Whaaaaaat

    Sep 26, 1999
    AT QB u should take Hassleback, not becuz he's any good but becuz they play detroit, and out of your other qb's 3 are in a new system and the other is coming off a major injury,
    at qb ya boy got the advantage,
    at rb ya boy got the advantage (shaun and edge are pretty even, the opponent will make the difference, and SF was horrible last year, and this year they'll b worse w/o Peterson
    at wr it's pro'ly even
    at te u got a big advantage winslow is unproven
    on def you got a big advantage even if the bears dbs are suspect (except Brown)
    at k ya boy got a slight advantage cuz mia won't get in the end zone against pitt. so he should get some attempts
    So you should pull week one out becuz of the def and te, but u might want to look into gettin' a qb in a decent system to last until Palmer get his head rite
  4. Z. Spitwell

    Z. Spitwell Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2004
    based on your critique I have come to the conclusion that I would serve you... have a nice day
  5. double ML

    double ML Guest


    vote= miami
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