If You're Reading This, It's Too Early [Quick Rant]

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    Nov 24, 2001
    Random thoughts.

    Wrote this on my way to work and texted to my brother and his response inspired the title.

    "If You're Reading This, It's Too Early"

    Today I was told that I've pretended to change
    I look new, feel new, smell new, but she remembers the same
    So slowly I start to question her percentage of sane
    As I reach for her chest
    Searching for the heat from her breast
    But the demons have crept
    Her hearts cold like December has came
    And slowly her soul goes like the embers of flames
    Pinching her frame
    But she doesn't wake, she just cringes in pain
    Pain deep as regret
    Oh Lord I pray that there's an end to this game
    Fixing my aim on your name and on my faith of the cross
    Is this your will, Lord?
    Am I supposed to just keep shaking it off?
    Or brake and get it off?
    Or is this your wrath? Have I forsaken your law?
    I hate to be soft
    And my back is young, but I can't keep taking it all
    I'm broken too, a hopeless Jew
    And I know you maketh the call
    So they say speak when spoken to
    Guess I'll keep waiting to talk

    —Mouth shut.

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