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    Jan 5, 2015
    When it truth or consequences
    What sense is it to perjur yourself
    I promise you won't like the hand that you get dealt
    But you swim with the fish, you get cooked wit em
    And real niggas don't look shook til that book hit em
    And they won't acquit em
    A life sentence with no parole
    Is a bit much, just to let the devil touch ya soul
    And these streets don't breed nothing but trouble
    And in the ghetto all they do is hustle and struggle
    They tried to muzzle the righteous
    Cause they hate us, and they kids wanna be just like us
    So now I gotta fight on both fronts
    I know you done heard em say, kill to birds at once
    And if my people ain't trying to get me its the city
    And you wonder why my attitude is so shitty
    But we gone fight to make it better
    Consider this my open letter
    To whoever will listen
    Fuck these streets lets teach our children
    ANd learn em well
    But watch the stories that you tell
    Cause tales of block live'n won't stop the driven
    But the weak minded will find it hard not to listen
    Cause they concerned with respect earned and what not
    So if I tell him his best tool is not his jumps shot
    He gone think I'm a fool
    And granted I'm not perfect matter fact I'm far from it
    But I know the truth and how the youth can be scarred from it

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