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    Feb 2, 2015
    Hello everyone, my name is Max and I'm a 14 year old rapper who goes by the name of Maxxx. I'm focused on bringing back classic and meaningful hip hop and I'm trying to make it to the top so that my style could challenge mainstream hip hop and rap. I'm very passionate, dedicated and very serious about what I do. Everything is produced and recorded by myself in my basement.. all I have so far is a mic and a MAC with garageband and logic studio.

    Currently I have a single out on SoundCloud, which will also debut on iTunes and other digital stores within the week (submitted through distrokid, which I highly recommend). A debut album will follow, hopefully by summer time. Please have a listen and follow me on Twitter.. I appreciate all of your support and all comments are welcome! Deuces!


    Twitter @MaxxxSound

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