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  1. EyiSwag614

    EyiSwag614 Mr Swagaful

    Sep 21, 2011
    Ayo whats up rapmusic.com this ya boy eyiswag Im from ohio i rap most.
    Make instrumentals on fl studios demo im okay if you just want to get your flow on.
    I do gfx on gimp i can cut you out and put you on another back ground and stufff make covers im okay at that too. Im on here just to collabrate and make homey to make a company inside a crew i have youtube a demo on datpiff. If intresed hit me up in pm leave me your skype we can get to work dont got that emails cool. I make simple instrumentals and covers so im not the best i rap great audio no text if so its for fun.
    Let me know get @ me EyiSwag614 Mr Swagaful

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