DRESS CODE “On With The Show” EP

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    Jan 29, 2016
    Derek Holley, aka DRESS CODE is an Ohio living producer, who until now has been teasing fans with a series of electro-dance releases via his SoundCloud and Reverbnation pages. He recently presented a brand new 5-track EP titled ‘On With The Show’, a project that goes along way to introducing new and treating existing fans to his sizzling depth of sound. While still very much bidding to make a breakthrough, his distinctive sound and reputation is increasing at every opportunity. His new EP goes a long way to making a bold statement, a genuine head bopping listen.

    Speaking ahead of the EP release, Derek said “On With The Show combines the energy of dance music with catchy lyrical and instrumental hooks”.

    Available to stream via Spotify or as a download on iTunes, Dress Code’s latest project is a must listen, and a real treat for dance music

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