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    Dec 27, 2014
    This is a Cypher, keep it going off the last verse wrote -16 bars max - show off your skills

    Look! Father time is on my right wrist, plus this attire is moderately crisp
    Let’s just say I don’t look at tags when I fill those bags, man, my money's old like racist
    I usually don’t write like this, but like a meek mill diss, I go back to back
    now I'm sip'N' on that ole Bottle of 04' Louis Roederer Cris, it cost a rack
    It has a Brut taste like Rose Champagne sprayed on chicks white or black
    I “can” stomach this fake game but why should I, it’s filled with too many Actors
    Look! They the type to flee when the heavy is aimed, I call em’ butt puckers
    this the truck wrecker taking your car and your chain suckers
    I see behind me even when you don't think I'm looking-suckers
    I flash that second amendment right-side bare-arms suckers
    It’s not a weapon, it's my girlfriend X-men-Storming on you suckers
    She makes me smile like a good head doctor
    my attitude is insane and your girl's hungry for brains
    What dawg? You couldn't keeper! Is that why she a TLC creeper
    You should slap your uncle for telling you it's cheaper to keeper
    Now she call you a stalker, protection ordered on you-izombie chasers...

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