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    Jul 14, 2016
    Young, naive and sheltered;
    No hustle, straight bluffin'
    Clueless to what may happen
    This young boy thrives;
    his eyes wide, though he focuses
    on something distant,
    something distant

    What is it he seeks?
    An answer although hard to answer;
    the spotlight effect,
    for he is scared that
    those who may fly may never crawl again,
    may ever see through his perspective
    He felt something was lacking,
    always questioning...

    Until the day when the truth had to shine upon
    his foolish and naive mind;
    a warm feeling wrapped around him
    and made him forget a bit,
    relax a bit, sleep a bit, enjoy slumber

    Thus he started flying, with no regrets
    and only lesson learned;
    Let go as if he wanted to live life,
    as if he wanted to be free,
    as if nothing happened but lesson learned
    by confronting and facing fear.

    The boy had lost fear,
    fear that controls and limits individuals
    to think so lowly of themselves
    although society may sometimes say
    that it is only narcissism and vanity
    and the hunger for the spotlight;
    He who does not accept fate and change,
    he who fears the most will never, never:
    Learn to spread its wings.

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