Bad facts in my vicinity time to attack the enemy the lack

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by bagglad, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. bagglad

    bagglad Member

    Oct 4, 2005
    Bad facts in my vicinity time to attack the enemy the lack
    Of identity could cause trouble in the hood flaws double crack
    On the rise walking around in a whack disguise very surprise
    How it’s grown and now known to be violent using it not wise
    Knowledge and college has cause progress to be made realize
    This here hog mess can be laid to rest, dang almost hypnotize
    Write dimmer rhymes along similar lines and they rip the skies
    Wearing classy bling could lead to nasty things about fashion
    No doubt the passion in clothes make minds flip can’t even ration
    That deal with girls and reveal worlds of love as they wear candy
    Curls to the clubs could have a bad hair day and affair stay handy
    On a legit course but can’t admit the force of an argument not
    At this point, my stats done on that one fact too hot to trot
    Hate born a fool or jerk so I adorn myself in school work and plot
    To graduate someday no bad fate what can I say just think a lot
    My love clouded the club is crowded need elbow room I’m a fellow
    After perfume, “SO BOO allow me to kiss your lips love you hello
    Really twist them hip so girl that mini-skirt is fly I’m not wearing
    A shirt and tie will these jeans do? Your cream is true and a daring
    Queen too, I had a dream boo and it was about you girl your beauty
    Knocked me down now shock as a clown but that’s what a cutie
    Like you will do my luck renowned need to get up from the ground
    Your cake soft so shake it off like that TAYLOR SWIFT sound
    Got love power a bunch want an hour for lunch got a plan great
    Which consist of eating your pancake need syrup for a baked
    Few boo; I’m a guy hot right out of IHOPP your stuff on a plate
    Stuff funny because you got enough honey to build a beehive
    Plus I see thighs that need to be rubbed really see love survive
    Rhymes did arise looked into your divine eyes left designs in
    The skies have to grow wings to view wanna cling to the wind
    Like the smell of a paper mill the vapor kills but fill hearts with
    Love and spill darts unknown that are thrown at bull-eyes on swift
    Targets, as I drift through markets in search of bling just to uplift
    My fashion, my mind design lines to find chicks quick it’s a gift
    Must consider circumstances that make for bitter romances a kiss
    Can tell it all, I’m coached galore wanna approach your door this
    Could lead to sex as I read the text messages here on my cell phone
    Well now at your home can tell you alone can have sex in the twilight zone
    Starring ROD SERLING lots of odd stirring in bed we can kiss a lot
    Had a lame menu when I came into the club, you sit at a table very hot
    Looking legit and able on the spot had to stable my plot with the right
    Words so here we are and sincere so far a clear way to the bar tonight
    My brain boss with stats but have to drain off the fat or end up with
    Rotten love at the bottom of the club hard to stay at the top and sniff
    Victory, March as a VIP watches the TV show LEVERAGE then go buy
    Beverage the sale of beer make me prevail here so boo I get high
    And want some wet pie just let me try to reach you boo and be fly
    In the bedroom, wanna sex a dame let me explain girl it’s your breasts
    That suggest we do this after a true kiss, prevailing clever doing my best
    While sailing in the weather mailing you a love letter buy postage stamps
    Having vocab is a hardcore job in the business of grabbing doorknobs damp
    Panties be in the bedroom, I’m a bold devastated writer holding a gold plated
    Lighter ready to lite the stove wearing a white robe looks very educated
    So boo wanna git wit you really bit by true emotions and that was created
    By them dream kisses on display in my mind, so let’s make this happen want
    Cake is the reason I’m rapping so why you napping, so start clapping and don’t
    Reject this a correct kiss can start a bunch of thing, so girl I think I got pie to
    Squeeze and if you rush and try leave I’ll begin to worry and be in a hurry boo
    To kiss your red lips girl” girl you got some wet cake so set me straight so do
    You or do you not accept me as your date?
  2. MrFlux001

    MrFlux001 Member

    Jul 31, 2012
    Holy shit you're still terrible.
  3. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Flux whassup. you got time for a 3 rounder? good to see you again.
  4. bagglad

    bagglad Member

    Oct 4, 2005
    dang flux other than being skillful as hell on my behalf, how is this terrible what parts are terrible
  5. MrFlux001

    MrFlux001 Member

    Jul 31, 2012
    What's up Deth, this place died horribly. I haven't wrote anything for a while and i'm simply not active these days so i'll have to decline.

    Bagg - you need to stop writing in running sentences. Let's start the improvement process by you not doing that. Finish a bar like a normal person would.
  6. bagglad

    bagglad Member

    Oct 4, 2005
    well I don't think a normal person can write HIPHOP take a few bars show me some
  7. bagglad

    bagglad Member

    Oct 4, 2005
    SHE SAID NAW PLAYER you that very hound that play merry-go-round
    While your tongue catches a case of lace, I need my space, you wanna go down
    Town and cause a wet scene and get cream, you a hot guy and you want my pot
    Pie this is not KFC, got wet lace and this could set the pace for bed this must stop
    So if you gonna smash my thing I ask you to bring a rubber it could be ballistic
    I think you wanna cream my biscuit I‘m a queen don’t get it twisted you may miss it
    If I walk away have to chalk up this day as a bust don’t play with my trust a brisk bit
    Of love can get flushed down the drain that’ll crush your renowned fame so girls
    Run the world and have fun with pearls I think you want some and wanna hurl
    Kisses at my lips for real, wanna survive with cake even though you arrived late
    You think and tries to wink your eyes at my pink pies your stats misses the boat
    Doe excited by beauty you invited this cutie to your crib, look I’m really choked
    Spend days trying to end the ways I think try drink a peach bubbly but nobody
    Can teach me how to duggy, your wet desire set fire to my imagination party
    Waits in bed and of course my cakes are red and bakes like bread your game
    Ambitious and I’m a dame suspicious you came with delicious words and flames
    For kissing up in here while I listen with my ear, never inferior and like a clever
    Cafeteria menu my body into deserts, keep my skirt pulled down boys can sever
    A pair of panties with love words, I’m a kitty and I know fame and like a video
    Game have a format and boys wanna grab that, make a band like P DIDDY yo
    Now love cruise prevail like huge sales and boys wanna float their boat and go
    Down town and tongue around, think you wanna huff and puff on my do-nut
    And blow up; sex can be a true circus if not to the purpose a fe-lion always up
    Their game, oh ears fill as the fear builds but I have smoking pies if I open
    My thighs my cake is brisk and boys wait for this, many love words are spoken
    Don’t blame anyone if you can’t have plenty fun, I’m clever and fine but never mind
    I’m forever kind but you can’t expect me to go to bed sex would wreck your head
    Plus I have to protect my red lip because beds twist and turns a kiss will burn instead
    You beg for pie and hope my legs fly open fake boys make noise that set my panties
    On edge jest wet up the candies between my legs I pledge not to hear unlike nannies
    I don’t baby sit it seem crazy a bit but promise you my gravy is legit when it comes
    To sex jest too much dumb text to read nowadays, that plays with mind as drums
    Beat in my head, fear and fate and my breasts are fly I’ll testify to that but if HESS
    Gas in his tank gonna have to go fast to the bank to refill just to be thrilled my flesh
    Night crawls with hotness can’t stop this breasts are topless feel stress its SEALTEST
    Ice cream strutted by a nice queen in other words irritate my nerves and make my cake
    Hot down there juice be around everywhere I be upset, corrupt and wet like a lake
    So I was impressed by this guy

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