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  1. ...duel....

    ...duel.... New Member

    Jul 26, 2014
    **** americaaaaaaaaaaaaa......
    **** americaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

    my youtube videos starting to get views,
    there given me abuse which is lighting my fuse,
    be calling me a faker leaving me hysterical,
    why all my haters from americaaaaaa a a a,

    cus im a white cracker rapper call me a eminem clone,
    well i say goodnight after rapture your nasal bone,
    i am who i am, nobody can do meee,
    you are who you are, nobody can do yooou,
    as long as you do you, stay truthfuuuuul ul ul ul,
    but i guess....

    i am whatever you say i am if i wasn't why would you say i am HA HA HA ...

    **** EM IN america, finger up at EM,
    **** EMINerica, finger up at EM .
    **** EMINEM......
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    Sep 21, 2014

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