2 Spots Left In My PPR FF League ($100)

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    Reply if you're down or just pay to secure one of the spots.

    Entry fee: $100 SEND AS GIFT NOT FOR GOODS Paypal:nigkasandfantasyfootball@gmail.com

    1st place: $700
    2nd place: $400
    3rd place: $100

    Draft: Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 7:00 PM ET (After 3rd preseason game)

    Scoring (same as last year)
    6 teams make the playoffs this year. 1st and 2nd seeds get 1st rd bye's. The season format looks like this:

    Season View
    Week 1 (Regular Season)
    Week 2 (Regular Season)
    Week 3 (Regular Season)
    Week 4 (Regular Season)
    Week 5 (Regular Season)
    Week 6 (Regular Season)
    Week 7 (Regular Season)
    Week 8 (Regular Season)
    Week 9 (Regular Season)
    Week 10 (Regular Season)
    Week 11 (Regular Season)
    Week 12 (Regular Season)
    Week 13 (Regular Season)
    Week 14 (Playoffs Round 1)
    Week 15 (Playoffs Round 2)
    Week 16 (Playoffs Round 3)
    Draft Settings: I will randomize the draft order like I've done in the past. When you pay, you get your draft position.
    Draft Settings
    Draft Type Snake
    Draft Date
    Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 7:00 PM ET (After 3rd preseason week)
    Seconds Per Pick

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